Company Profile


Our company, which started its first production as Algan textile in 1990, was operating with mechanical system machines. Later in 2000, it started to renew itself by keeping up with the rapidly developing technology. In the year 2000, it was produced with electronic Wan De Wiele branded benches.

Technology and renewal;

Our company's name is renovated with technology and renewal, and we are producing 25 wan wıle wıle looms in 80.000 sqm area, 60.000 m2 closed and 20.000 m2 open in the organized industrial zone. We are aiming to increase our production capacity from 10 million m2 in 2016 to 20% in 2017.
In 2012, NEUMAG brand daily production of 40 tons of yarn in 25.000 m2 area to produce more variety and quality of customers to develop portfolio

As Angel Carpet, 99% of our company's production is exported. The regions we export; Balkans, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

As Angel carpet, it is our general principle to be a pioneer not to follow the new trends by looking at different angles and adding sincere details to our products, living spaces, our colors and products with our new designs and new models.

Quality and Service

We have chosen to be the best company in the industry by responding to the needs and expectations of our customers in terms of time, value and service by providing high quality service to our customers in the subjects we serve.

Our quality policy;

Working with the spirit of the team, large scale small scaled services to meet the expectations of all our customers, providing customer satisfaction, Angel Carpet; Reliable in its services, completes its institutionalization and aims to keep it constantly.